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Right now I'm working on another React Native project that embbed Cross Platform C++ 11 code shared with the desktop version of the application. The desktop version of the app has been created with Qt Creator, which I did not know before. Same input, different ouput We are facing some issues in the shared C++ … Continue reading Back to C++

Real Life Entity Framework n-tier development

Update 06/30/2020:  New lesson learned: When your database longs overflow Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER. Update 10/04/2019: Added Lessons learned during development section. See Below. Update 09/26/2019: Added a link to a gist to generate Typescript Entities. See below. I'm currently helping one of my customers with a n-tier Entity Framework powered ASP.NET Core web service and  Angular 7.x application. … Continue reading Real Life Entity Framework n-tier development