Update on Monday 17 september 2018:

As some video links to the conference talks are going to surface, there will be added below. Enjoy.

I had the opportunity to attend the React Native EU 2018 conference that was held in Wroclaw Poland from september 5th to september 6th.

It was the opportunity to make new friends and talk about why we love this technology, how to make the best of it, and how we all struggle with our day to day jobs. The organisation was just astonishing, the venue was great, the food was excellent and I’d say that everyone with a special diet like me would have found numerous delicious dishes.


All was designed to allow the 400 developers coming from all over the world to socialise easily. For example, we had stickers that started with “Ask me About…” and you would add whatever you’ll be fine to talk about, would that be technology related or not. Nice way to break the ice during coffee breaks and lunches.

I realised “Cross Platform C++” the first day and “ReactXP” the next one did not trigger much interest in other attendees but who cares ?

The ultimate talk

One of the most astonishing talk for me was the one by Jani Eväkallio about us, developers- and not the technology itself, and our somehow troubled relationship with our customers. I think all of us should have a reminder about who we work for and what inspires us. See for yourself:


That sequence on cognitive load is so true…


Going deep native

I was a little disappointed though because I wanted to hear more about the native part of react native. and because you don’t want to write code-at least twice for Android & iOS, I’d certainly have appreciated seeing something about cross platform C++, a thing that I’m doing right now. Maybe next year?



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