When I started programming with C++ exactly 28 years ago, it was with Borland C++ 2.0 on MS-DOS. Then I went to the Windows 3.0 version, had a quick side step with Visual Basic until 2001 when I was back with C++ on Windows 2000 running Visual Studio 6.

Then I moved to c#/.NET for a decade, to get back to C++ in 2018, cross platform C++ more precisely. Interesting huh ?

I’m so happy that OSS tooling like Dopbox’s djinni is available to target Linux, Windows, iOS, Android and Node.js (with Add-ons). I’m very happy to help an amazing French startup to deliver their vision to help visually impaired people.

The same C++ code will run primarily on mobile (iOS/Android) bridged to ReactXP, but also potentially in the cloud (Node.js AddOns) and in the browser with WebAssembly

In the next few months I will share my experiences with those challenges ahead. For now, I’ll say that it is an amazing time to be a software architect.



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