Yesterday evening, OCS City (Orange Cinema Series) was airing the latest episode of Game Of Thrones season 7. I watched it earlier in the afternoon on OCS Go (The replay service) without any trouble.

On the evening we decided to watch another movie on the same replay service. It worked well until it failed on every platform available for some time.

  • OCS Go on Freebox failed unexpectedly with a weird error message about HDMI compatibility… We tried to resume the movie several times with no luck. So we decided to switch to one of the computer application. Well it was not working either.
  • The OCS Windows Store App simply crashed or asked for creating a new profile during the outage:

OCS Windows App KO

  • The IOS application entered an infinite loop (sorry no screenshot).

The real problem behind these first 2 issues seems to be the unability to logon the user.

  • Our last chance was the web site. It displayed the following error:


So we decided to retry on the Freebox replay service. This time it worked. I would say the problem lasted about 15 minutes.

I have absolutely no idea if this was really related to the airing of GOT, but there is a lesson to learn from this.

Testing, testing and again, testing for failure on every target platform. This way you could tell the user what is going on, and maybe even give directions.

I’m sure the live airing was not affected at all.

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