This is really frustrating. I do not understand why most cloud providers respond with links to FAQs to their customers opening a support case.

I have a problem with Amazon’s Budget tool. I just can’t access it because I’m part of an organisation, and it seems to me that rights must be granted to my account. Well that is fair. But even after giving the appropriate rights, it does not work.

Here is the useless error message I have by the way:

AWS Budgets is not enabled for this account. Please consult your payer account about enabling AWS Budgets.

The payer account granted me rights. May be not all the rights requested ? Will I ever know ? I’m in vacation an plan to get back at them I soon as I resume work. Following is the support case discussion I’ve had so far:

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out to us. I understand you’re running into an error when attempting to use Budgets for this account. No worries, I’d be happy to help with this.

The first thing to note, Budgets relies on usage data from the account so that it can track when the set budget is met or exceeded. I’ve reviewed this account and found that no usage data has been generated since the account was created.

With that said, the error could also be related to a control policy set in place by the Payer account for the Organization in which this account is part of. I definitely recommend reaching out to the payer account to review their control policies for the organisation as well as any possible settings within their own budgets that may be causing this error.

I hope this helps. If you need anything else or have further questions, feel free to reach out!

Well good news ! Either there is no usage data or there is a permission problem. Why on earth couldn’t you display a specific error message? Well probably because the developper is throwing a generic exception or the consumer is catching a generic exception. Now you can see how bad this is.

So I responded ironically that if there is a problem with the payer policies, then they could tell me what is exactly the problem or direct me to a specific FAQ. Here is the response:

I’m sorry for the trouble you’ve been having accessing AWS Budgets. I’ve reviewed your account and it appears you may need permission to access this service. In order to resolve the issue, please contact your Organization Administrator (usually the person who created the account) and ask that they grant you access.

For questions regarding Organization permissions, I’ve included a link to our FAQ page below:

I hope this helps.

No it does not help because no FAQ is specific to my use case. Sigh…


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