In my previous post, I explained how to create a multi-container php/MySQL application with docker-compose.

It turns out that, at least in the context of AWS (Amazon Web Services) Elastic Beanstalk, deploying such an application makes no sense. You could definitely do it, but I won’t.

In fact, Elastic Beanstalk could automatically create this multi-container application for you. You just have to upload your PHP code and then connect it to a MySQL/Aurora RDS Instance of your choice.

The same capability is available from Azure. It is called a web App.

The price for the target solution must remain as low as possible. So, for now I told my customer to stick with their existing EC2 instance hosting Apache/PHP/MySQL. We’ll do performance tests to see how it scales. When the time comes, we’ll probably move to Elastic Beanstalk and Aurora. To be continued.

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